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Explore Raman Base Features:

  • Create Your Personal Data Repository: Establish your private online hub to securely store and manage Raman spectroscopic data.
  • Effortless Data Management:Seamlessly upload and download spectroscopic data in any standard format.
  • Annotate with Precision:Add important notes to individual Raman spectra or entire datasets, preserving vital insights.
  • Intuitive Spectra Viewing:Easily browse and view Raman spectra using our user-friendly online tools.
  • Efficient Data Retrieval:Swiftly search your data or access shared data by other users using advanced search functionalities.
  • Spectrum Sorting and Identification:Identify and sort spectra by similarity, enhancing your research efficiency..
  • AI-Driven Analysis:Leverage AI to search for differences or similarities within groups of spectra, unlocking deeper insights.
  • Flexible Data Sharing:Selectively share published spectra, raw source data, or specific snippets with other users to encourage collaboration.